Electrically powered bikes aren’t new, but only recently have manufacturers really ‘got’ how these brilliant machines can turbocharge the enjoyment of cyclists of all ages, levels of fitness and ability.

EB 1.2

We know that many would-be Kings of the Mountains see electric bikes as a ‘cheat’ and, mountain bikers ourselves, we thought that too… until we tried some. Electric bikes blew us away… because they deliver so much fun!

  • They help beginners gain fitness gradually yet still get out with more experienced friends right from the off
  • Give older riders the confidence to return to trails they love without worrying about the endurance to get back home
  • Help elite riders rehabilitate from injury much faster
  • And give anyone the same fitness and thrill kick as traditional bikes whilst letting them go further and stay out longer!

EB 3.4

You’re still as knackered as you want to be at the end, and you can share the fun with more of your mates. So who’s cheating who?!

How good do they look? How do they work? Pop into our shop and see for yourself – talk to us about bikes, ask our advice. It’ll be well worth the trip for the coffee alone!