If you fancy browsing and drooling, buying something or simply enjoying a bit of genuine bike banter, the Voltz shop is the place to come!

As a relatively small, independent bike shop (the only one in the chain), we’re not restricted in any way to what we can source or stock. Here you’ll enjoy an eyeful of accessories, bikes, bike bitz, gadgetry and cool clothing (Voltz gear). And if our shop hasn’t got what you’re looking for right now, we’ll get it in ASAP.


It’s also a fantastic hang-out for people who love talking bikes, looking for advice, or exchanging opinions. But don’t expect ‘the customer is always right’ philosophy to rule in the Voltz shop –it often doesn’t! If you take us on and we think you’re talking out of your proverbial, we’re quite likely to say so. We’re passionate about bikes and biking, we’re human and we’ll give honest opinions. But only if we’re pretty sure you can take it: we don’t want crumpled little dejected heaps moping around the place. Or Captain Mainwarings storming pompously out feeling they’ve been grossly insulted!

Actually, 99.9% of our customers really like us, enjoy the banter and benefit from the odd ‘frank and honest’ discussions that occur.