Not only do we provide a boutique shopping experience for all your cycling wants and desires, but we also make a mighty fine cuppa (non-bikers welcome).

Voltz 008-2

We’ve entrusted our house grind to the experts – Nottingham’s own fabulous, tax-paying (!) artisan coffee roaster, the incredible 200 Degrees.  Meaning that The Handlebar gives you the freshest, most consistent pull for miles around – poured to perfection by boss baristas – and a gorgeous aroma that few can match this side of Italy.

“We are very lucky to have access to a wide variety of coffee from origins all over the world. When we started out we worked tirelessly to create our Espresso Blend, we decided on a blend of Brazilian, Colombian and Vietnamese beans which we roast to a medium dark roast.” – 200 Degrees Coffee

And there’s no better accompaniment to such amazing coffee than… CAKES! We have a mouth-watering selection of them here, too – along with free Wi-Fi. Some visitors even go as far as to describe Voltz as a ‘bike-friendly coffee shop’…

Whether you’re on two feet, two wheels, or four, The Handlebar rates as an irresistible destination in its own right.