We’re huge fans of individuality! And we’ve the experience, expertise and workshop facilities to either custom build your dream bike from the ground up… or ‘Voltz’ your existing one.

That can mean:

  • Building you a brand new dream machine from your favourite components
  • Creating a new bike that incorporates some of your existing parts (so stuff you’ve bought before need never go to waste)
  • Giving you an amazing paint job from your ideas/designs. Or coming up with something really special to surprise you…


Customising – we say ‘Voltzing’– your bike is something we love doing here. And a big smile from a happy punter gives us a huge buzz! We can advise on the ideal combinations for your cycling lifestyle or bike fantasies. We’ll source and assemble all the parts through our huge network of Voltz contacts, and keep you in the loop at every stage.

You can even come in and see us creating your new machine, linger over a gorgeous coffee and return the inevitable banter you’ll get with interest!